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The Adoption Alliance is an adoption agency licensed to place children and infants for permanent adoption. The agency staff includes administrative staff, counselors, educators and social workers. Our goal is to build happy families and to assist all parties through the adoption process with professional, caring guidance. The birth mother, birth father or birth family chooses the adoptive parents for their baby through the adoption planning process. Although most of the cases involve infant adoptions, the staff places several older children for adoption each year.

The agency handles several types of adoptions and has worked with adoptive parents living throughout the continental United States. The Adoption Alliance works directly with adoptive parents, attorneys, birth parents, social service agencies and social workers.

We understand the adoption process will come with questions and concerns, and we encourage applicants to utilize our resources. Many adoptive applicants are represented by an attorney, with practices limited to adoption, who will provide guidance. Some adoptive parents attend seminars and/or are working closely with a social worker, adoption professional or facilitator. Still, there will be many questions throughout the adoption process. The agency staff welcomes any and all inquiries concerning the agency, its policies or the rules and regulations governing adoption.

Providing Nationwide Service to Birth Parents & Adoptive Parents since '89


The Adoption Alliance, a non-profit infant adoption agency, was founded on the belief that children’s lives can be changed forever through the adoption process. We provide professional adoption services to birth mothers and adoptive families by educating and coordinating all aspects of the adoption process.

The Adoption Alliance strives to make your adoption experience a positive and rewarding one. Working with an experienced and professional agency provides valuable services for both adoptive and birth parents.


The Adoption Alliance is a 501(c)(3), not‐for‐profit, charitable organization founded in 1989. The agency received its provisional license in January 1989 and its permanent license on January 13, 1990. We are licensed in Texas, New York, and Connecticut. We are also authorized to place children in most other states.

Because every adoption is unique, the Adoption Alliance staff personalizes each adoption plan. The professionals at the Adoption Alliance take into consideration the individual circumstances and concerns of all parties of an adoption plan.