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Adoption: Building a family through the process of concentrated, dedicated, enduring love, rather than biology.


  • Justin Johnson

    Justin Johnson

    Hi. My name is Justin Johnson and I am the Executive Director of the Adoption Alliance. I attended Trinity University in San Antonio and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

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  • Stacie Wiederin-Schmidt

    Stacie Wiederin-Schmidt

    Hi. My name is Stacie Wiederin‐Schmidt and I have over 25 years of experience in the adoption field. I have been working for Adoption Alliance since early 1995.

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  • Yolanda Worlds

    Yolanda Worlds

    Hello. My name is Yolanda Worlds and I have been working in the adoption field for nearly 10 years. Prior to coming on board with Adoption Alliance in early 2012,

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  • Kimberly De La Hunt

    Kimberly De La Hunt

    Hi! My name is Kimberly De La Hunt, Adoption Caseworker for the Adoption Alliance. I started working for the agency in late 2015

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  • Donna Enders

    Donna Enders

    Hello, my name is Donna Enders, Administrative Assistant for the Adoption Alliance. I have over 20 years of non-profit experience

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  • Patricia O’Connor

    Patricia O’Connor

    Hello, my name is Patricia “Patti” O’Connor. I am an adoptive mother of three and very passionate about my work with clients who are also hoping to form their family by adoption.

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  • Dale Johnson

    Dale Johnson

    Hello, my name is Dale Johnson and I have been involved with the adoption process since being admitted to the practice of law in 1969.

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  • Lauren Gaydos Duffer

    Lauren Gaydos Duffer

    My name is Lauren Gaydos Duffer. I am a family law attorney and the owner of The Law Office of Lauren Gaydos Duffer, P.C.

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